Hiroshi Iuchi is former employee of Treasure, who was with the company from its foundation 1992 until 2008. An avid fan of shooting games, he is best remembered as the director of Radiant Silvergun and Ikaruga.

Like several other founding members of Treasure, Iuchi began in the industry working in Konami's arcade division as a pixel artist. He works most often designing backgrounds for Treasure's games, but has also been known to write, direct, and occasionally compose music.

After the cancellation of his third shooter project, he left the company to pursue self-employment. Since that time he has worked with former collaborators at G.rev on the Silvergun-influenced arcade shooter Strania.


Kyuukouka Bakugekiittai (unreleased) ...(credit unkown)
Block Hole/Quarth ...Pop visual futurist (credited as Iuchi 1)
Aliens (arcade) ...Special Guest (credited as Iuchi 2)
Escape Kids ...Character Graphics
The Simpsons (arcade) ...Special Guest (credited as H. Iuchi_4)
Bucky O'Hare (arcade) ...Main Character Designer (credited as Escape Iuchi 5)
Gunstar Heroes ...Background Art (credited as Iuchi 6)
Yu Yu Hakusho ...Background Art
Alien Soldier ...Background Arts (credited as Hiroshi Iuchi 8)
Light Crusader ...Character and Background Art (credited as H. Iuchi 9)
Shinrei Jusatsushi Taromaru ...Background and boss design
Radiant Silvergun ...Director / Producer / Story / Screenplay / Background Graphics (credited as Hiroshi Iuchi 11)
Sin and Punishment ...Background Design / Effect Design / Camera Work Design
Ikaruga ...Director/Music/BG Graphic (as Hiroshi Iuchi 13)
Gradius V ...Game Planner / Director / BG Graphic Designer (as Hiroshi Iuchi 14)